Facebook is a social media platform which provides some social messages to the people and the users of the facebook. In this modern world many people having facebook account and they are login to the facebook by using the mail address and phone numbers. Creating facebook account needs more details for verification like name, address, password for their accounts which are the identifications of the person to be access their facebook pages.

How to create facebook account?

Early stage of launching facebook into the market it does not get much popular but now one of the most using social media was facebook. Because the number of users of the facebook would be increased suddenly hence the facebook gets first place among all other social media. Using facebook is an easy one and it can be accessed by laptop, tablet, Smartphone’s over the network. After creating account on the facebook the user can set their profile which includes user name, occupation and extra details about the person. If the user is school student or college student they have no occupation so they can specify they are study status. It has a features like to form a group with the specific people based on the occupation of the person like the school students form group with their school mates remaining also like that. Within the group the members can share their video, photo, messages over the internet.

Way to attract people and get likes

The user can chat with their followers for making interaction with them. Followers are the people who watching the particular person activities continuously. If the user posts their photos, videos into their page the followers watch that and they can reply for user action this is categorized into two types namely like and comment. Like means if one user post their photo that will be attract the user then they give like to that photo and they need to share something about the photo they sent their opinion about that photo as comment. One user wants to get more like from the followers then they need to go for SMO services to attain the best results and get huge number of likes and shares to promote your products and brands and some specific things you need to look about it.

  • Many users are lazy so they expect status and updates like short and sweet it will attract the followers.
  • Some of the people like interaction with others so user can attract others by asking the interactive questions.
  • If one likes other posts that are one of the ways to increase their like also, it makes the relationship with others smoothly.
  • Funny status is one of the tools for much number of likes because most of the funny users use the facebook.
  • Another important factor is encourage the winners and achievement of a person in the real world and it will creates some positive approach about the user automatically likes increased.